Welcome Aboard!

VAQ-131 is proud of its rich history, and excited about our future and the quality of our Lancer Team. We're very glad that you will soon be joining that Team. You will be joining a team of highly trained and dedicated men and women. Your sponsor, along with this website, should be able to answer any questions you may have regarding your transfer to VAQ-131 and getting to Naval Air Station Whidbey Island.

If you have not yet been contacted by your sponsor, email our Sponsorship Coordinator AM1 Basconcillo at WHDB_VAQ-131_Sponsor@Navy.Mil. The 24 hour duty desk phone number (360) 257-4880 can also be used to request a sponsor.

Our VAQ-131 Ombudsman, Sarah Hogue, is here to serve and assist Lancer families. The ombudsman is a volunteer who works under the guidance of the Commanding Officer and the Command Master Chief. If your spouse or family member has questions, comments, concerns, or problems, they should contact the Ombudsman, who can then provide resources to assist and/or communicate with the command on behalf of the family member. Our Ombudsman also sends out information about command and community resources and activities to families.

The Ombudsman is available via cell (360)320-9261, Email vaq131ombudsman@gmail.com or join the Ombudsman Facebook group

Transportation from Sea-Tac Airport

It is strongly recommended that you arrive via the SeaTac Airport vice the Bellingham International Airport because there are no shuttle or air services available to complete your journey to Whidbey Island from Bellingham. Whidbey Island is 2-3 hours from the SeaTac Airport so you will need to arrange additional transportation to the island via shuttle bus. Currently Whidbey SeaTac Shuttle is the only shuttle bus service available to the island, which takes the Clinton/Mukilteo Ferry route and drops you off at Building 973, McCormick Lodge. Service deskd are in the lower level of the airport, same level as baggage claim. Reservations are ENCOURAGED but not required, to make reservations call 360-679-4003 or log onto their website http://www.seatacshuttle.com.